Yay for 2012

Today it dawned on me what an amazing year I’m having thus far.  I think about where I was this time last year, at my heaviest weight, finances in shambles, completely unhappy with where I was at, and I am amazed at how much has improved over the course of a year.  I am twenty […]

24 hours later…

Wow.  It was about this time yesterday I crossed the finish line of the Derby City Mini Marathon.  It’s a tiny bit surreal.  If it wasn’t not for the soreness and IT band pain, the race would seem ages ago. The upper respiratory infection that has been brewing over the last week has finally made […]


First of all, a very sincere thanks to all of those out there who sent words of encouragement my way, especially through blog comments.  I ran by a group of supporters twice today holding various signs and cheering the runners on, and one in particular stood out. A complete stranger is proud of you. I’m […]

13.1, here I come

16 hours! Race day is nearly here, at long last!  In truth, I feel nothing but ready.  Race days are great.  I’ve been running only for a short time, but races have become one of my favorite things in life.  This will be my fifth race in less than two months.  What am I going […]

Running with pearls

Two days and counting!  The Derby City Mini Marathon is just around the corner, and I cannot wait.  Still feeling good and mostly just anxious for race day to arrive.  Nerves are calm, although I am slightly concerned about my right foot.  My heel has been acting up for the last few weeks.  Nothing major. […]

Three running inspirational thingies

Just three more days until the mini!  I have to work tonight and tomorrow, so I’m hoping for easy nights.  Nothing crazy, please.  And I’m going to load myself up with vitamin C and other cold-fighting things so I can hopefully be rid of the congestion in my head and chest.  I’ve run while battling […]

4 reasons to run

Four more days until the Derby City Mini Marathon!  Jeez!  It just won’t get here fast enough.  I suppose it’s a good thing.  My work most recent work stint exhausted me, and I am seriously far behind on sleep.  Night shift kills me sometimes.  I tried to run yesterday, but between being dead tired and […]

5 days

Eep!  Five days and counting!  Saturday just won’t get here quick enough.  My feeling towards this weekend’s mini reminds me of my birthday as a child.  I’m absolutely full of anticipation and excitement.  Truthfully, I don’t feel nervous in the least.  Just anxious to get going.  When I started training in late January, I didn’t […]

Why run a mini marathon?

Six days and counting, people!  How excited am I?  Majorly excited.  I.  Cannot.  Wait.  I have 13.1 on the brain.  So, as I count down to the Derby City Mini Marathon, enjoy the next six days worth of mini marathon tidbits, goodies and fun stuff, starting with 13.1 Reasons to Run a Half Marathon, taken from […]