196. Warmer weather, please

There’s nothing like being only 13 weeks into your pregnancy and looking, well, definitively more pregnant than I am.  Last week, one of my coworkers asked, “Just how pregnant are you?” Sigh.  It begins again.  Each pregnancy, I’ve gotten to hear comments such as, “That’s a big baby,” and “You’re getting so big,” and, my […]

185. New running shoes

OMG.  Shin splints.  What a bitch! So, my new Brooks Dyads had me hobbling home after my one mile run.  SHIN SPLINTS.  Oy.  I kind of forgot about shin splints.  How I forgot about shin splints, I don’t know, but they are a beast. Despite being a state of agonizing, foul language inducing pain, I’m […]

Running with pearls

Two days and counting!  The Derby City Mini Marathon is just around the corner, and I cannot wait.  Still feeling good and mostly just anxious for race day to arrive.  Nerves are calm, although I am slightly concerned about my right foot.  My heel has been acting up for the last few weeks.  Nothing major. […]

Three running inspirational thingies

Just three more days until the mini!  I have to work tonight and tomorrow, so I’m hoping for easy nights.  Nothing crazy, please.  And I’m going to load myself up with vitamin C and other cold-fighting things so I can hopefully be rid of the congestion in my head and chest.  I’ve run while battling […]

4 reasons to run

Four more days until the Derby City Mini Marathon!  Jeez!  It just won’t get here fast enough.  I suppose it’s a good thing.  My work most recent work stint exhausted me, and I am seriously far behind on sleep.  Night shift kills me sometimes.  I tried to run yesterday, but between being dead tired and […]

5 days

Eep!  Five days and counting!  Saturday just won’t get here quick enough.  My feeling towards this weekend’s mini reminds me of my birthday as a child.  I’m absolutely full of anticipation and excitement.  Truthfully, I don’t feel nervous in the least.  Just anxious to get going.  When I started training in late January, I didn’t […]

Why run a mini marathon?

Six days and counting, people!  How excited am I?  Majorly excited.  I.  Cannot.  Wait.  I have 13.1 on the brain.  So, as I count down to the Derby City Mini Marathon, enjoy the next six days worth of mini marathon tidbits, goodies and fun stuff, starting with 13.1 Reasons to Run a Half Marathon, taken from […]

Ah, tapering

With nine days and counting to the Derby City Mini Marathon, I am thoroughly enjoying my taper week.  When I first laid out my training program for the mini, I was none to happy about the idea of tapering.  There were several things I was concerned about. If I tapered, I wouldn’t run the full […]

Setting a good example

Over the last few months, I’ve gotten to learn about all the many benefits of running on a regular. And boy, there are plenty. Weight loss Higher energy levels Race day and runner’s high Confidence boost as you run a new distance and run faster miles The disappearing fat in my legs The sense of […]