5 days

Eep!  Five days and counting!  Saturday just won’t get here quick enough.  My feeling towards this weekend’s mini reminds me of my birthday as a child.  I’m absolutely full of anticipation and excitement.  Truthfully, I don’t feel nervous in the least.  Just anxious to get going.  When I started training in late January, I didn’t think I would be so eager to run the Derby City Mini Marathon.  In January, I was just hoping to finish the thing mostly running.  Now, I know I’ll run in, albeit slowly, and am shooting for a 2:45 finish time.  Proud slow runner, here.  I could have spent the last few months sitting on the couch everyday.  Instead, I ran.  And, believe it or not, got faster.  And will continue to get faster.

That’s my next running adventure.  I’m hoping to run a sub 30 minute 5K by the end of the summer, and I have every bit of faith I can do that.  I put myself through nursing school while pregnant.  I’ve delivered a baby sans epidural.   I’ll have run 13.1 miles.  3.1 miles in 30 minutes or less by August/September?  Sure.  Now just to find a race to achieve that goal.  I originally thought of shooting to run The Color Run in under 30 minutes, but while I’m still planning to run quicker than I can run a 5K now, that doesn’t seem to be the race to speed through.  I want to thoroughly enjoy getting vibrant colored powder thrown at me rather than focusing on running the course in a certain time.

So.  My first half marathon in T minus 5 days.  Excited!

3 thoughts on “5 days

  1. Don’t worry about being a slow runner, I am too! At least we’re out there running : ). I have a 5k coming up that I’m also hoping to run a faster time. Last year I did it in 29 minutes, so I’m hoping to shave off a little time!

  2. 13.1 wow. I can’t even fathom that. I’m trying to just do a 5k in under 40! 😦 I don’t know if I’ll ever go a longer distance, but I’m definitely going to keep going to get faster. Goodluck to you!!!

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