151. Party planning and resisting the urge to hit my head against the wall

What a week.  I need a post vacation vacation.  Is it terrible that I’m totally stoked for my oldest to start kindergarten so that I only have to juggle one kiddo during the day?  Balancing work, school, my health and fitness, maintaining the home and being a loving wife/mother is exhausting.  I’ve been home from […]

150. Checking off the bucket list item I didn’t know I had

After five days relaxing and playing on the beach, it’s back to the norm.  Sigh.  Vacation is over, and we’re home again. What an awesome vacation.  We had an amazing time.  And we survived the car ride with two little ones!  The drive down was a much quieter trip than coming home, but all and […]

148. Statistics is synonymous with purgatory

My husband have this thing, our own little sorting system, if you will.  We’ve done it since we were dating.  We take things we have an intense distaste for and  categorize what circle of hell they would fall in. Examples: Our old dryer had this ridiculous “cycle complete” buzzing sound that lasted 30 seconds.  We […]

143. Making fruit snacks

Let me tell you something about my kids.  They can eat.  And eat and eat.  It’s not stop. Can I have a snack? Snackie peas? I eat snack? Can I have dessert now? Fruit snacks are always quite popular, but…well, take a peak at the ingredients in General Mills Fruit Roll ups. Pears from concentrate, […]