149. Six years

It’s amazing how time passes so slowly as a child and flies by the older you get.  Six years ago, I married my wonderful and slightly cooky husband.  Yes, I can believe it’s been six years.  It’s been a very action-packed, adventurous six years, and I look forward to many more exciting anniversaries.

This year for our anniversary, my hubby and I packed the kids for a family vacation to Myrtle Beach.  It’s been an awesome way to celebrate six years of marriage.  This morning, playing on the beach (which I can see from the hotel room as I write, so be jealous 🙂 ) and jumping in the waves.  The afternoon, good food and exploring our super awesome hotel (we have our own water park, live music, and fun kid activities like making tie dye hats and whip cream eating contests).  This evening, Medieval Times, which was amazing.  And to top it off, studying statistics while the littlest one sleeps and my husband and oldest get to play in the water park (can you sense the sarcasm?).

I’m thoroughly exhausted.

Tomorrow’s agenda includes more exhausting activities such as building a sand castle, boogie boarding with my oldest, going to some Pirate’s Adventure thing that looks amazing, and a night time movie in the hotel pool.  Can’t wait!

Happy anniversary, hubby.  You are the best.  I love you indefinitely.


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