150. Checking off the bucket list item I didn’t know I had

After five days relaxing and playing on the beach, it’s back to the norm.  Sigh.  Vacation is over, and we’re home again.

What an awesome vacation.  We had an amazing time.  And we survived the car ride with two little ones!  The drive down was a much quieter trip than coming home, but all and all, the 24 ish hours round trip spent in the car with a nearly two year old and a five year old went fairly smoothly.  I’d like to think my weeks of researching entertaining toddlers and all my prep work for the car are to thank for that.  Still, I hope it’s a while before we attempt such a long ride in the car with small ones again.

While on vacation, I added a new item on the bucket list and halfway crossed it off.  Running on the beach.  It was awesome.  I can’t wait to do it again and go for a longer run.  It was a spur of the moment that the family decided to go for an evening walk on the beach.  The kiddos packed their shovel and buckets to dig for shells and critters.  Once the sun set, somehow we all ended up running and sprinting.  Eventually we ended up drenched and covered and sand.  Definitely one of my favorite memories of vacation.  And like I said, another item (added) checked off the bucket list.


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