152. The Color Run (I am out of shape)

Yes.  The Color Run was just as much fun as I thought it would be.  If it comes to Louisville again, I will run it again.  And next time, I’ll take my son with me because he would have had a blast.  He would have been one of the kids that rolled in the color, much like my husband.

Truly, the tagline of the “happiest 5K on the planet” was very fitting.  There was singing, laughing, dancing, lots of photo taking and quite a few funny outfits.  Like the guy wearing a white tuxedo jacket over a pair of spandex shorts.  Or the guy wearing a shower cap and a blow up pool float around his waist.  And there were super hero capes, tutus galore (myself included), and an assortment of crazy hats.

My only complaint was that crossing the finish line is a little anti climatic.  I wish they would have tossed color as we finished.  Still, it was a very fun race.  Quite possibly, it was the most fun I’ve had in a race to date.  More so than the Zombie Run.  Like I said, I will do it again.

Actually, two complaints, but only one is on the Color Runs end.  About halfway through, it became quite apparent that my last real run was in June.  I had to walk a portion of the race.  I’m a little ashamed about that.  But it’s all good.  Come the end of August/early September, I hope be hitting the pavement again regularly.

Pre race


The hubby and me

It was bright. Hence the had over my eyes.






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