206. A weekend of birthdays

August is the month of birthdays  for our family.  There’s my nephew, my brother-in-law. my daughters, and mine.  There has been much cake eating.


We had what was possibly the happiest birthday party ever to celebrate M’s third birthday.  What’s happier than a rainbow party?  Everything was bright and colorful and made you want to smile.  We had a sprinkle cake the kids oohed over and spent the bulk of the party trying to sneak a bite (even the bigger kids), rainbow fruit salad, rainbow rice krispie treats (made with Fruity Pebbles-also a huge hit with kids and adults alike), rainbow punch, and rainbow themed treat bags.






Not only was it a very happy party, it was a very easy party to put together.  Easy is key with a newborn in the house.  We  got most of the decorations on clearance from Target earlier this summer.  Our cake was a simple vanilla cake with homemade buttercream frosting and, as you can see, gobs of sprinkles.  I found dozens of rainbow themed snack ideas on Pinterest and went with what was easiest.  Our party favors were mini rainbow suckers and chocolate coins.



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