Another L&D funny story

Last night I work, one of our environmental employees (cleaning lady) found a note a patient had written to the father of her children.  It was tucked away in the drawer of the bedside table.  This is not the first time we’ve found letters or notes written to family members or persons of interest in […]

Adventures with quinoa

Let’s talk about quinoa. Pronounced keen-wa, it is a tiny little grain that was a staple of the ancient Incas, who called it “the mother grain.” At least that’s what it says on the back of my Trader Joe’s organic quinoa box. It’s one of those things that, as a health food nut, I’ve known […]

22 and counting

I stepped on the scale today and was pleased as punch to see that I’ve kept of another pound and a half since my last weigh in.  Total pounds kept off: 22.  Pounds to go: 18 (at least).  I’d like to get down to my pre-nursing school/pre-first baby pregnancy weight, which would require a total […]

Painted furniture

There’s something about taking a beat up piece of furniture and working with it to make it beautiful.  I love taking transforming something that’s seen better days, is slightly broken or even just flat out ugly and transforming it into something I’m proud to display.  I’ve found that a little paint is such an easy […]

My favorite moments as and Labor and delivery nurse…some of them, anyway

There are many things I like about my job.  There are many things I don’t like about my job, but that’s a story for another day.  Being a labor and delivery nurse, I have the privilege of welcoming tiny miracles into the world every time I work.  I help women through one of the most […]