202. Cookies for breakfast

August first marked the start of the new school year for us, and I will confess I did a little happy dance that day.  B was ready to go back to school.


And while 7:15 comes entirely too soon for me, I love getting back into a routine.  I love that little downtime between dropping B off at school and the girls waking up.  I tend to spend that little bit of time enjoying my daily caffeinated beverage of choice while perusing Pinterest and delaying starting on the various housework.  My food boards have grown immensely over the past few days.  Particularly my quick and easy recipe boards.

One of my favorite recent discoveries has been two ingredient cookies from theburlapbag.com.  There are a couple variations, but at this point I’ve only tried one.


Banana and oatmeal with a bit of dark chocolate.  The base recipe is two ripe bananas and a cup of quick cooking oats all mashed and mixed together and baked at 350* for 15 minutes.  The little ones approve.  I’m not much for bananas, especially in baked goods, but, as I said, the little ones approve.  And they’re perfect for a quick grab-and-go breakfast on the mornings when time just gets away from us.


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