176. Giving Thanks

The Stallings’ household is in full on Thanksgiving mode, all thanks to my husband.  I’ve always been one of those people who goes straight from Halloween decor to Christmas decor.  My husband has complained many a times this year how Thanksgiving gets overlooked, not only in our household, but everywhere.   So, we’re turning over […]

155. First day of kindergarten

7:15am.  A time I typically think of bedtime.  Now, my new wake up time on my off days.  Ouch. Today was B’s much anticipated first day of kindergarten.  When I went to wake him this morning, I found him sitting straight up in his bed with a huge, cheesy grin on his face.  “Is it […]

126. Recovering and freebies

Oh, my.  Work took a lot out of me.  Actually, it wasn’t so much work as it was the complete lack of sleep on my off days.  Most thankfully, the unit was slow enough I got to stay home on call all night, so I tried catching up on lost sleep.  I still feel all […]

Running and embroidery

Obviously, not at the same time.  I’ll admit, I’m pretty good at multitasking, but needle work while running?  That’s a talent I haven’t mastered. Last night, wonderfully, thankfully, the day shift charge nurse called and asked if I was up for a budget, meaning did I want to stay at home and take call pay. […]