186. World Prematurity Day

For all of the preemies fighting to survive at Kosair, and for all of the mamas fighting to stay pregnant at Norton’s Downtown (aka the mothership). For Cheryl, whose babies all came way too early, especially that sweet little Layla (babies just aren’t meant to be born at 24 weeks). For my little Maddie Belle, […]

148. Statistics is synonymous with purgatory

My husband have this thing, our own little sorting system, if you will.  We’ve done it since we were dating.  We take things we have an intense distaste for and  categorize what circle of hell they would fall in. Examples: Our old dryer had this ridiculous “cycle complete” buzzing sound that lasted 30 seconds.  We […]

138. CPR is a workout!

Cardiac arrest?  Give me a call. No, not really.  While I’m now recertified in my ability to perform CPR, you don’t want me.  I’ve, thankfully, to this date never had to perform chest compressions on an adult, only infants and mannequins.  I hope to never have to.  Babies, I can handle.  Adults freak me out. […]

129. This weather is toying with my emotions.

Okay.  So, a few days ago it was hot.  Like, upper 80’s to 90’s hot.  My garden soil in one bed looked like dust because we’d been on a hot streak.  Today, the weather is in the low 60’s with a cool breeze.  Personally, this weather is right up my ally.  I will definitely be […]

126. Recovering and freebies

Oh, my.  Work took a lot out of me.  Actually, it wasn’t so much work as it was the complete lack of sleep on my off days.  Most thankfully, the unit was slow enough I got to stay home on call all night, so I tried catching up on lost sleep.  I still feel all […]

Yoga pants kind of day

I am tired.  After a busy night of delivering babies, one of which I had the pleasure of delivering myself (always a little fun), I got home from work late this morning, so I got even less sleep than I normally would today. I am feeling it. Three hours just doesn’t cut it some days. […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

When you routinely are a part of welcoming new babies into the world, it’s easy to forget what an amazing event a birth is.  Periodically, I’ll have a patient or patient family that reminds me what an awesome job I have. Welcome to the world baby Xander and baby Lily.  I’m happy I can say […]