Work. Sucked.

I stil have shoe covers and scrubs on.  Sometimes I just need a minute to process all the events that occurred during my twelve hour shift.  Was this the worst night ever?  No.  But it sucked a little bit.  Busy with lots of little CF’s throughout the night.

Inevitably, as a nurse, I see people die.  It’s one of those crappy facts of life.  People die.  When people die in my unit, they are tiny little people.  Occasionally, it’s an adult.  To an extent, you get a little numb to it.  I do, anyway.  A coping mechanism, of sorts.  When people think of labor and delivery, they tend to think of welcoming new life, but it’s not always a happy place.

No one died last night, but someone came close and may yet still not make it.  It’s mornings like these, after a long, busy and draining night that I find myself like this, still in my dirty scrubs, evidence of time spent in the OR on my person, in need of a few minutes to process the nights events.

I apologize for a downer of a post.  I just needed a space to reflect on last night.  Now, to clean up and head to bed.  Tonight’s pancake night at the mothership.  We could all use pancakes after last night.


5 thoughts on “Work. Sucked.

    • More than anything, I think my job makes me grateful for what I have. My babies were both born a bit early, but the only long term complication we’ve had is asthma. I can deal with asthma. My son has a condition in which he doesn’t have any enamel on his teeth, and it’s easy to get so wrapped up thinking about how terrible it is that my son was three and had already been under general anesthesia for root canals and extractions. But then I see babies with severe heart defects that are rushed to an OR as soon as we can stabilize them after birth. Yes it sucks we have to deal with frequent dental abcesses, rounds of antibiotics and trips to the dentists and oral surgeons, but what my son has isn’t life threatening and, in the grand scheme of things, has very little impact on our daily life.

  1. Sorry to hear about your day at work. I’ve been complaining all week about my job, but when I have a bad day people’s lives aren’t at stake. My life isnt as bad as I make it out to be. Thanks for helping me put things in perspective. I hope today is a better day for you. Enjoy your pancakes!!!

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