Yoga pants kind of day

I am tired.  After a busy night of delivering babies, one of which I had the pleasure of delivering myself (always a little fun), I got home from work late this morning, so I got even less sleep than I normally would today.

I am feeling it.

Three hours just doesn’t cut it some days.  This was not a day to shake of the sleep and tackle the world.  The laundry is partially washed, but nothing is folded.  Me bed is without sheets.  The neuromuscular chapter remains untouched and unstudied.  I at least finally changed out of my pajamas, but it’s a yoga pants and tshirt kind of day.  I am just that tired.

Oy.  To be a night shift nurse with small children who religiously wake up at 8 am.

Lucky break for me, though.  My father in law picked my little man up from preschool and is taking him for a hair cut this afternoon, so I only have one little bitty to care for at the time being.  Bless it be, it is nap time and she is zonked.  So I am, for the moment, enjoying a quite moment on the couch with my laptop and sucking down some caffeine.  Eventually, I will have to get up.




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