138. CPR is a workout!

Cardiac arrest?  Give me a call.

No, not really.  While I’m now recertified in my ability to perform CPR, you don’t want me.  I’ve, thankfully, to this date never had to perform chest compressions on an adult, only infants and mannequins.  I hope to never have to.  Babies, I can handle.  Adults freak me out.  If you’re 2700 grams, okay.  Adults, ew.

Plus, what a workout!  Even with our CPR dummies, I worked up a sweat in today’s little mock up, and for the record, scrubs are not made with the most breathable of materials.

Now, I get to chill out in the nurse’s lounge waiting my compadres to show up.  I’m hoping for a better night tonight.  Last night wore me out.  It was just a busy kind of night.  After being off for nearly a week, I wasn’t ready to be back, and I certainly wasn’t ready for a busier kind of night.  So, here’s hoping for a better one!



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