Happy Mother’s Day!

When you routinely are a part of welcoming new babies into the world, it’s easy to forget what an amazing event a birth is.  Periodically, I’ll have a patient or patient family that reminds me what an awesome job I have.

Welcome to the world baby Xander and baby Lily.  I’m happy I can say I was a part of your first moments of life.  You were both such adorable little peanuts~I just wanted to snatch the both of you up.  Your mamas were rock stars and a pleasure to care for.

New baby?  Now that’s a mother’s day gift.

I’m dead tired and will miss brunch with my family and little ones.  I will spend the bulk of today sleeping and working, with just a few short hours to visit with my babies.  But if I’m going to work, what better line of work than helping someone become a mom.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there!


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