Running playlist (50 songs)

I started this playlist a few months ago (beginning of February) after I’d just ran my longest run to date (3 miles).  I remember being thrilled that I had run that distance.  I felt like I was starting to become a runner.

That was February.  It’s coming up on the end of April.  In less than a week, I’m running a half marathon.  I’m going to run it slowly (I’m a bit of a turtle), but I will run it.

Because I’m a runner.

Here are some of the songs that keep me running.

  1. Alphabet Soup: Laika
  2. Supermassive Black Hole: Muse
  3. Meet me on the Equinox: Death Cab for Cutie
  4. Satellite Heart: Anya Marina
  5. Friends: Band of Skulls
  6. Judas: Lady Gaga
  7. Bad Romance: Lady Gaga
  8. Teeth:  Lady Gaga
  9. I like it rough: Lady Gaga
  10. Paparazzi:  Lady Gaga
  11. Lovegame: Lady Gaga
  12. Americano:  Lady Gaga
  13. Electric Chapel: Lady Gaga
  14. Possibility: Lykke Li
  15. Pumped up Kicks: Foster the People
  16. Boring:  The Pierces
  17. Whatever you like: Anya Marina
  18. F you: Cee-lo Green
  19. Lights:  Ellie Goulding
  20. Sexy and I Know it:  LFMAO
  21. We are Young:  Fun
  22. She-Wolf:  Shakira
  23. Somebody that I used to know:  Gyote
  24. Unfaithful:  Rihanna
  25. Sexy back:  Justin Timberlake
  26. Low:  Flo Rida
  27. Bottoms Up:  Trey Songz
  28. Sweet Dreams:  Eurythmics
  29. Love the Way you Lie (Part II):  Rihanna
  30. Perfect Nightmare:  Shontelle
  31. Boyfriend:  Justin Bieber (embarrassed to admit that one)
  32. Moves Like Jagger:  Maroon 5
  33. Grenade:  Bruno Mars
  34. Clint Eastwood:  Gorillaz
  35. Die Another Day:  Madonna
  36. Feel Good Inc:  Gorillaz
  37. Girl:  Beck
  38. Shut Up: Black Eye Peas
  39. Infinity Guitars:  Sleigh Bells
  40. Karma:  Alicia Keys
  41. Nova: VNV NAtion
  42. Nylon Smile:   Portishead
  43. Uncle Johnny:  The Killers
  44. Black Wave/Bad Vibrations:  Arcade Fire
  45. Heartless:  Kayne West
  46. I Kissed a Girl:  Katy Perry
  47. This Love (will be your downfall):  Ellie Goulding
  48. Enter the Void:  Miss FD
  49. Forever:  Drake
  50. There’s only one way out:  Pollyn

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