Pre Papa Johns 10 miler

Ugh.  I’ve been up most of the night dealing with acute asthma attacks.  While my little boy’s coughing spells are much better, I’m thinking a trip to the ER may have been beneficial.  I probably would have gotten the same amount of sleep.  If he’s not miraculously better after the race (fingers crossed that my […]

The Bucket List

Because everyone should have one, right?  I started this a few years ago, so some items have already been checked off.  Not many because I haven’t really been that good of a bucket list checker offer.  I recently added quite a few after reading a bucket list on one of the blogs I follow.  I […]

Discovering Dubstep

Thanks, Pandora and Youtube.  I have a new love.  Dubstep. My first introduction was through Pandora.  A song came on, I liked it (loved it) and forgot about it.  But that’s the wonderful thing about Pandora.  If you like it, inevitably they will play it again.  The song kept coming back on, and I would […]


It’s that time again.  The cloth diapers need stripping.  What’d you think I was talking about? As I’ve mentioned before, I love my cloth diapers.  There are many wonderful things about them.  Environmentally friendly, budget friendly, and gives your baby that cute “fluffy” bottom.  And they’re not the old folding, pinning and putting a plastic […]

No apple products at the table, please.

My husband and I decided to enforce a new rule in our house.  It came about after having to deal with my son wanting to play on the iPad as he ate.  While it didn’t happen with every meal, all too often my little boy wanted to play his games on the iPad as we […]

Amazing giveaway!!

Mama Natural, one of my favorite natural parenting blogs, is having a freakin’ spectacular giveaway! The prizes: TWELVE bumGenius 4.0 diapers GroVia cloth wipes GroVia Biodegradable wipes Plus a Sophie giraffe OMG, I want those diapers.  I’ll happily take everything else, but jeez, the diapers!!  Brett and I were just talking about how we need more for Maddie.  And […]

The compost project

This is our third year of project compost.  Over three years ago, my husband and I made another commitment to help our planet.  We already recycled, used Eco friendly cleaning products, and went the Earth-friendly route as often as possible, and each year we’ve made a life style change that would benefit planet earth.  As […]

Amanda Trujillo

Recently, I came across the name Amanda Trujillo.  No, she is not a pop start, or an up and coming actress.  She’s not a potential candidate for this years presidential election.  She is a nurse.  Or, rather, was a nurse up until last year, and she is creating quite the stir. Trujillo is the Arizona […]

Rodes City Run

Today I celebrated St. Patrick’s day by waking up really early (for me), dressed in a bright green race shirt and green knee high socks over leggings, with green nails and my daughter’s green hair bow in my hair and ran the Rodes City Run.  Sadly, I procrastinated on making the tutu I intended to […]