No apple products at the table, please.

My husband and I decided to enforce a new rule in our house.  It came about after having to deal with my son wanting to play on the iPad as he ate.  While it didn’t happen with every meal, all too often my little boy wanted to play his games on the iPad as we ate.  The majority of the time, we’d say no, get some pouting, and that’d be the end of it.  Well, it started…escalating.  He started having some pretty major tantrums when we said no.  Finally, after one particularly nasty tantrum, my husband suggested a “No Apple Products at the Table” rule.  And it applied to everyone.  So, my husband and I couldn’t have our phones at the table.

Initially, it seemed like such a great idea.  My husband and I put our phones in another room and ignored every ring and chime our phones emitted.  Conversation was renewed at the dinner table.  Life was picturesque.

That was two weeks ago.

I’m still upholding the no iPads or iPhones at the dinner table, but can I be honest?  I miss my phone.  Especially in the morning at breakfast when I’m still groggy.  As a night shift nurse, it takes me a very long time to acclimate myself to being awake during the morning hours.  This morning at breakfast, as I’m eating my cereal with my babies, all I wanted to do was check Facebook and my emails and play Draw Something.  That’s my wake up routine.  I like to wake up slowly and goof off on my phone.  Well, today was a wake up quick kind of day, and my night shift brain was still trying to pull itself together as we ate breakfast.  And I just wanted my phone.  This is every morning at breakfast.  I itch for my phone.

I’ve realized I’m a tiny bit addicted to my iPhone.  I mean, come on, what an incredible little device.  I can do so much with it.  It’s so tempting and tantalizing.  I’m a little bit addicted to our Mac as well.  It’s…well…fabulous.

Thankfully, I’m not so addicted that I can’t get anything done.  If anything, my Apple products are my reason for slowing down and taking a moment to myself.  When I’m playing on our Mac or toying around with my iPhone, I’m taking a few minutes in which I’m not bustling around cleaning, cooking, studying, playing with children, feeding children, cleaning children or attending to something.  It’s a quite moment of Ani time.  And I relish those Ani moments, which is probably why I’m struggling not using my phone during meals.  I just want another moment of time to myself.


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