9 miles…not so much

I am such a novice runner.

Today, a mere four days after running my longest distance to date (eight miles), I tried to run nine miles.  I woke up a wee bit sore, did a bit of stretching and headed out.  Mile one is always miserable for me.  I hate mile one.  I always hate mile one.  If only I could magically bypass it somehow and go straight into mile two when everything’s loosened up and stretched out, and I’m in a good mental place.  If only.

So.  Mile one, not much fun.  I was stiff and a little sore.  I pushed through.  Slowly.  Slower, in fact, than I normally run.  Today was the slowest I’ve been since I started running.  And I stayed at that wretched slow pace.  By mile four, my hips were crazy sore, so I tried a bit of walking.  And I stayed walking for three and a half miles.  Then I called it quits.

Lesson learned.  I need a bit more time than four days between my long runs to recuperate.  Luckily, I don’t have a long run again for a week and a half when I do the Papa John’s 10 miler on the 31st.


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