Rodes City Run

Today I celebrated St. Patrick’s day by waking up really early (for me), dressed in a bright green race shirt and green knee high socks over leggings, with green nails and my daughter’s green hair bow in my hair and ran the Rodes City Run.  Sadly, I procrastinated on making the tutu I intended to wear over my leggings.  I started whipping it together after 10 last night and realized I wouldn’t have enough tulle.  Where was I going to get more tulle at 10:30pm?  So, the tutu, most unfortunately, was not a part of my race attire.  But there will be other races.


My slow and steady race pace for the 10K.  I beat my husband by 2 seconds because the last twenty feet I went as quickly as I comfortably could.  Haha!  That being said, thank you hubby for running at my turtle pace.  I know you are capable of running much quicker.  In fact, there was a point my husband stopped for a bathroom break midway through the run.  There were a total of five porta-potties and quite the line for them.  I kept running while he waited in line.  He later caught up with me by averaging a 7:20 something pace for well over a mile, so, truthfully, beating him by a whole two seconds by sprinting to the finish line isn’t really all that impressive.  If I try to brag that I had a faster run time, I know he’ll bust out the 7:20 mile he had to run to catch up with me.  But on paper, I beat him.  🙂

And after my 6.2 mile race, I ran an additional 2 miles for a total of eight!  Woohoo!  I’m now well over half way to the mini distance, and with over a month to go, I’m feeling pretty good about it.  Today was a good day for me, running wise.  Not only did I feel great during my race (no puking with sips of water/electrolyte drinks, which has been an issue over the last two weeks, no major pains, etc), but I’ve finally run more than the halfway point for the mini marathon distance.

My favorite part of the race today (aside from how good I felt running) was the people on the side lines with cowbells and signs cheering everyone on.  You guys were effing awesome and brought a smile to my face.  I’ve decided I will go cheer people on at a race some day.  Probably for the 2012 Ironman this August.

After my eight miles, I came home, showered and took a wonderfully long nap.  My babies are at their grandparents, I have to work tonight, I just burned an estimated 900+ calories, and a nap sounded like the best idea EVER.  So, I napped.  Then I woke up famished and treated myself to Chick-fil-A and watched a little TV.  Now, I’m patiently waiting for my little ones come home before I have to head into work.

Next race: The Papa John’s 10 miler March 31st, for which I need to find a white nurse’s cap to wear.  I’ve decided to wear my “RN on the run” shirt that I finally made, and I’m going to go a little goofy with a old fashion RN hat.  Why not?  Especially since I didn’t get to do my tutu today.

For the next race

Post 10K


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