24 hours later…

Wow.  It was about this time yesterday I crossed the finish line of the Derby City Mini Marathon.  It’s a tiny bit surreal.  If it wasn’t not for the soreness and IT band pain, the race would seem ages ago. The upper respiratory infection that has been brewing over the last week has finally made […]

13.1, here I come

16 hours! Race day is nearly here, at long last!  In truth, I feel nothing but ready.  Race days are great.  I’ve been running only for a short time, but races have become one of my favorite things in life.  This will be my fifth race in less than two months.  What am I going […]


Whatta day.  I was up way earlier than I prefer to be awake (7:45) to take my son to preschool for his field trip then to run six miles.  My run was quite nice, although I didn’t quite make the six mile mark.  After my debacle with attempting to run up and down hills at […]

Post Papa Johns

Well.  That race kind of kicked my butt.  Lesson learned.  Work on hills.  So, going on two days post race, I’m crazy sore and crazy tired.  In the middle of my usual work stretch, I ran ten miles, the furthest I’ve ever run, and I ran a hilly course, which I’ve never done before.  Good […]

Pre Papa Johns 10 miler

Ugh.  I’ve been up most of the night dealing with acute asthma attacks.  While my little boy’s coughing spells are much better, I’m thinking a trip to the ER may have been beneficial.  I probably would have gotten the same amount of sleep.  If he’s not miraculously better after the race (fingers crossed that my […]

The Bucket List

Because everyone should have one, right?  I started this a few years ago, so some items have already been checked off.  Not many because I haven’t really been that good of a bucket list checker offer.  I recently added quite a few after reading a bucket list on one of the blogs I follow.  I […]