123. Sleep deprivation and craftiness

Today has been on of those most unfortunate days when I get to run on four hours of sleep in the last thirty hours.  Oh, night shift nurse life.  You kill me sometimes. Okay.  So I need caffeine.  And a cookies.  I have neither.  I have reduced sugar lemonade from Trader Joes and vanilla almond […]

20 random facts

Just for fun… I could eat Nutella by the spoonful.  In my opinion, it is the food of the gods. Tulips are one of my favorite flowers.  For years, I’ve hoped for a bouquet of tulips on all the special occasions, but I’ve sadly never gotten any. Daisies are my other favorite flower. Lucky Charms […]


Today has been one whirlwind of a day, and it’s only, what three?  And I still have another 17 more hours to go before I call it quits. I enjoyed staying at home on call all last night.  I was in bed by ten and slept soundly until my husband woke up at 5 something […]

Yay for 2012

Today it dawned on me what an amazing year I’m having thus far.  I think about where I was this time last year, at my heaviest weight, finances in shambles, completely unhappy with where I was at, and I am amazed at how much has improved over the course of a year.  I am twenty […]

From one inspired blogger to the next…

Thank you, Laura for nominating me for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!  How awesome!  You made my week, and thank you Laura, and every other reader, for reading. I didn’t know this initially, so this is a bit belated.  With this nomination comes some requirement.  First, I get to give seven fun facts about myself, […]