Newest obsession

I am not going to lie.  I am completely addicted to instagram.

I’ve always had a special soft spot in my heart for photography.  It started when I was dating my husband.  He had a nice manual camera he’d used while he was doing his stint as an art major in college.  There was something about that manual, deciding what to focus on and what to fade and blur.  I loved it.

A few years ago, my husband got me a used Nikon D40 with a fancy schmancy lens.  I went on several photo taking rampages with my son on my off days.  Over the years, I’ve continued to go on mini picture taking excursions, just for fun.

And then, inevitably, life got busier.  My daughter was born, my son started preschool, my husband trained and ran an Ironman, I started training for a mini, and most recently, I started working on getting my BSN.  As much as I would love to go wandering around snapping and editing photos to my heart’s content, it’s just hard to find time to.

Nowadays, I tend to use my iPhone as my primary means of capturing moments.  All in all, it can take decent photos.  I still bust out the fancy camera for special occasions, but for everyday picture taking, I turn to my phone.  It’s always with me.  It’s easy.  And there’s instagram.


I love what I can do with it.  I can easily put the artsy twists that I love onto my everyday pictures.

It’s the little things in life that make me happy.

This is the photo montage recap of this past week

ABC sampler for my daughter's roomSea of pinwheels at the court houseMy favorite little boyReusing"Go outside!"Sewing machinePillowcase dressCheese!SelfbadgesMaddieBelle


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