123. Sleep deprivation and craftiness

Today has been on of those most unfortunate days when I get to run on four hours of sleep in the last thirty hours.  Oh, night shift nurse life.  You kill me sometimes.

Okay.  So I need caffeine.  And a cookies.  I have neither.  I have reduced sugar lemonade from Trader Joes and vanilla almond granola, also from my beloved TJ’s mixed up with some vanilla yogurt.  These are lovely breakfast/lunch/snack/whatever this three pm meal would be foods, but I really just want some bad for me foods right now.  Namely, a fat Dr. Pepper from McDonalds.


So, in a vie to keep myself from collapsing in exhaustion, my kiddos and I went into full on craft mode.  Well, I was being all crafty and they sat at the table “helping”.

Project number one was a patriotic themed wreath for Memorial Day/Fourth of July.


Thank you, Pinterest.  You’ve made me want to make like nine thousand different wreaths.  There was a balloon one that I would love to do for my son’s birthday.  I’m tempting to swing into the Dollar Store to pick up things for it before work tonight.  B turns five on Sunday, and the patriotic wreath was so cheap and easy to make.  It cost a total of $6 at most and took all of half an hour to make.  If that.  A friend of mine made the balloon wreath and said it was cake.  So..yes, I foresee a Dollar Store trip in my near future.

Second project was also related to B’s birthday.  He’s an Angry Birds fan, to say the least, so, naturally, he wanted an Angry Birds themed party.   It’s been so much fun to plan this party, and we’ve done it on the cheap.  I found a free printable kit with all sorts of goodies included.  Invites, party banners, cupcake toppers, cupcake wrappers, treat bags, and a few other things.  I printed the invites off through Walgreens, picked up some card stock to print things on and overall have spent very little on his party.  I did “splurge” and get Angry Bird napkins, Angry Bird “tattoos” and one of those plastic Angry Bird table cloths.

My favorite bit about the Angry Bird party is the felt masks we’re making as a part of the treat bag.  I spent under $5 getting all of the felt and elastic needed and have enough to make I think 20 or so masks.  They’re a work in progress, but since the party isn’t until June 3rd, I’ve got plenty of time to finish them.

Thus far…

Works in progress

Thus far, I have four pigs, four reds, four yellows pinned and ready to be sewn.  I’ve got the fabric to make several blues, blacks and white Angry Birds, but I need to whip up a pattern first.  I found a great pattern for the yellow one, and the link is below.  The pattern I found for the red one was decent, but I made quite a few modifications.  The pig was based loosely off the red pattern.

So now I just need to convince myself that I can intact turn off the computer (not so hard) and get off the couch and get to sewing (incredibly hard).






4 thoughts on “123. Sleep deprivation and craftiness

  1. Oh my Godness! I love the Anger Bird Masks… and the wreath is gorgeous. For a moment, I was a little baffled about why there was only one blue section in the wreath and then I was like “duh, because it mimics the flag!” =D Very nicely done! Hope you can get some good sleep sooooon!

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