Stressful walks and a last minute baby gift

Today my mom and I went out for an early Mother’s Day celebration.  I ate too much, so I opted to go for a walk after I picked my son up from preschool to help burn off a few calories.  It was a bit of a disastrous walk.  About a mile and a half into it, my little ones were poking and pinching each other, fussing and whining, and the littlest one kept throwing things from the stroller.  At one point, she threw her sippy cup.  The damn cup rolled off the sidewalk and down one of those drainage grate thingies that lead down to the sewer.

I couldn’t reach the cup.  If I could, I probably would have still left it there in the muck.  My son had a meltdown.  “That was my most favoritist cup in the whole wide planet!  I just love that cup so much!”  Oy.  This was a nothing special cup that we have two other identical cups in the cabinet.  The more he cried about it, the more my daughter fussed.  So, we turned around and headed home.  It was a rather unenjoyable stroll around town.  At least I burned a couple hundred calories.

I did get some mini relaxation time working on a last minute baby shower gift for one of the docs I work with.  Even though she’s one of my favorite doctors, I hadn’t planned on getting anything for her.  The shower is smack in the middle of my sleeping time and is a co shower for one of the day shift girls I don’t really know, so I had no intentions of going to the shower.  Things just aren’t done with night shift in mind.

But I woke up this morning in the giving spirit.  So I whipped up a little something for Dr. N. to match her Very Hungry Caterpillar themed nursery.

Caterpillar embroidery

What do you think?  It’s a tiny little thing, maybe three inches in diameter?  I bought a bunch of wooden hoops of different sizes to do a variety of embroidered pieces for my daughter’s room, and I have enough floss in my possession to last me quite possibly a lifetime, so I didn’t have to buy anything for this little project.  Even if I had to, it would have been super inexpensive.  That’s one of the best things about embroidery.  It’s one of the few cheap hobbies I have.



9 thoughts on “Stressful walks and a last minute baby gift

  1. You gotta love embroidery thread! Cheap and colorful and useful in so many ways.

    Cute gift. People really love the personal touches. It stays with them so much longer than any purchased item.

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