Today has been one whirlwind of a day, and it’s only, what three?  And I still have another 17 more hours to go before I call it quits.

I enjoyed staying at home on call all last night.  I was in bed by ten and slept soundly until my husband woke up at 5 something in the morning for a trail mini marathon in Gnaw Bone, IN.  Let me tell you about that course.  I haven’t done it, but I’ve been there.  It’s an abandoned ski slope.  Slopes.  It’s crazy.  You run through mud, creeks, thorns and up hills so steep that you can’t run~you grab a hold of branches and pull yourself up the hill.  There’s a 10K, mini, full marathon, 50K and 50 miler and it’s insane.  My husband has been trying to talk me into to doing it since I announced I was going to start running, but mud, thorns and psycho hills don’t quite appeal to me.  It’s a hell of a hard course, and yes, I can say that knowingly without having done it.  I’ve seen the main hill.  I’m not ready for all that.  Next year, however…

I had a bit of issue dozing back off this morning, but I thankfully did get an extra few hours of sleep before this little ones woke up, as they always do, at ten til eight.  It amazes me how clockwork they are.  We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and didn’t stop moving until now, and I think everyone is a little exhausted.

We started with a walk to our Farmer’s market, which is just over a three mile round trip for us.  We sadly didn’t get the strawberries we set out for~apparently the one vender who had them sold out within the first half hour~but we got all sorts of other goodies, including a batch of Rookie’s Cookies.  Omg.  So tasty.  Rookie’s Cookies is a little bakery that’s been open since 1939.  They have odd hours (I think), so I’ve never actually been to the bakery.  There’s plenty of local places that sell their treats, so I’ve had their goodies plenty of times.  So yummy.  My kids and I easily ate half of the batch we got while we walked around today.

To counter the badness of the cookies, we bought a giant bunch of kale to make kale chips with, several tomato plants, a jalapeño plant, and a basil plant.  The healthiness of those foods was later cancelled out by the cupcakes and candy we got at the pet fair                                                             that was a few blocks away.  Today has just been a day for sugar.

So.  I’m a dork.  The baby shower wasn’t today.  It’s next weekend.  Opps.  At least my kids got to see my work, which my son was beyond thrilled about.  He was so excited to scan my badge to get in the unit and is now a self-proclaimed expert on babies being born.

My other dorkable moment of the day was purchasing the Barbie reusable bag at the grocery store.  I loved my Barbie dolls as a kid.  When I was pregnant with my daughter, I went to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum and dragged my husband, my son and one of my closest guy friends through the Barbie exhibit.  It was huge.  Actually, I think my husband was the only one who was a bit reluctant about going.

Anyway, I saw the bag the last time I was at the grocery store and fell a little bit in love.  I don’t need it.  I have gobs of reusable bags.  But it was on sale today in it’s pink and girly glory.  So, I got it.  It’s the first Barbie related thing I’ve gotten since I was ten.  I have to laugh at myself for getting it.  It was a completely frivolous purchase, and let’s be honest, I am a little old for Barbie.  But I like it.


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