156. Eeee! Good news for me!

I started off the day stressed out.  My sister had surgery this morning for what turned out to be a very, very large fluid filled ovarian cyst that had adhered to fallopian tube.  We didn’t know if it was a tumor or a cyst and the thing just hadn’t stopped growing since it was discovered this May.  The surgery took about an hour longer than expected, so my mom and I were on pins and needles waiting to hear what the heck was going on.  In the end, all was well…or well enough.  My sister lost one fallopian tube and about 2/3 of her ovary, but should be fine in the long run.

So a stressful morning gave way to a busy afternoon with some extremely good news for me.  After working virtually every weekend for going on five years, I just got the super awesome news that I got the position I applied for that pays me more money to do the schedule I already do!  I’ve been itching for this position since I started, although it wasn’t even a possibility until April of last year.  There are three “wow” (work only weekends) positions in my department.  Two have opened up over the last year and a half, but, sadly, people with more seniority got them.

At long last, I have the position I’ve wanted for years.  Well, almost.  I was offered a “wow +1”, meaning I work Friday and Saturday night, plus a week night of my choice.  In all honesty, I’d much rather work two days now that I’m back in school, but it’d be stupid to not take the position.  The schedule I already work for more pay…no brainer!

So, I think tonight I’m going to treat myself with something loaded with fat and sugar and chocolate.


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