126. Recovering and freebies

Oh, my.  Work took a lot out of me.  Actually, it wasn’t so much work as it was the complete lack of sleep on my off days.  Most thankfully, the unit was slow enough I got to stay home on call all night, so I tried catching up on lost sleep.  I still feel all zombie like and wouldn’t mind a nap, but my lovely little ones have kept me busy up until now, so I haven’t had much time to acknowledge how tired I am.  Here’s one of many things we did today.

Phase one of the pig piñata

We started making a pig piñata for my son’s Angry Bird themed birthday party next Sunday.  What a mess that was!  Fun, but messy.  Now we’re patiently waiting for it to dry out, which, from what I read, won’t be for another day or so.

We also worked on the Angry Bird masks for the party.  The sewing bits done.  Now just for the hot gluing party.

The king pig

The King Pig Mask

We also made some more cloth napkins with some left over fabric I had from another project.  I say we.  I sewed them while my children sat at the table with me playing with play doh.  My daughter uses our napkins as kleenexes for her perpetually runny nose, so we’ve constantly been running out of napkins.  Solution?  Make more.

And now for the Highlight of the day:  free stuff!  I just found out that I won an embroidered brooch from An Astrid Endeavor.  Too Crewel had the give away (she has lots of crafty goodness which you can check out by clicking on the pick below), and I’m uber pumped to have won.  I’m one of those people who seldom wins anything…I won a halloween poster when I was in the third grade, but I don’t know that there’s been anything else since.   So I’m excited and can’t wait for it to arrive.

And now I’m off to study for my pathophysiology final before it’s time to make dinner and to tackle exciting household chores like mopping floors.


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