Running and embroidery

Obviously, not at the same time.  I’ll admit, I’m pretty good at multitasking, but needle work while running?  That’s a talent I haven’t mastered.

Last night, wonderfully, thankfully, the day shift charge nurse called and asked if I was up for a budget, meaning did I want to stay at home and take call pay.  I asked her if she really had to ask.  She laughed and replied she knew I’d take one.  Yes, I virtually always take a budget, especially during overtime weeks, like this week would have been.

Let me tell you, I needed that budget.  I can’t say what it was about last week that took so much out of me, but I was dead tired.  Physically, mentally and emotionally.  I slept a grand total of 16 hours yesterday, and truthfully could have slept more.  Between the extra sleep and my run this morning, I’m feeling more like myself and less like I’m having an out of body experience of some sort.

So my run this morning left me feeling like I did when I first started seriously running at the beginning of the year.  My shins hurt.  I ran garmin free and felt like I couldn’t get into a good pace.  Towards the end, my breathing was a little ragged, although I think that’s largely in part to the lingering sinus/respiratory gunk that I just can’t seem to get over.  The second mile was a bitch.  That’s when I got all mad.  It wasn’t even a month ago I ran 13.1 miles.  Why were those two miles damn challenging?

I’m planning on running again Wednesday and am hopeful it’ll go a little smoother.  I’ve never liked the shorter runs, so the plan is 4-5 miles.  There’s a 10K I want to run the second weekend in June, which is when I officially start training for half marathon #2.

I’m back on my embroidery kick and have started yet another project.  It seems to come in waves.  I won’t stitch anything for months, then it seems like everything’s getting a little satin or split stitch.  Current project is a welcome sign for our living room.  I found the pattern on Etsy and thought it was absolutely darling.  I feel a wee bit guilty because I didn’t actually purchase the pattern but doodled up my own version instead.  Flowers, typography and swirly little lines?  I can do that.  I don’t need to spend $5 on that.  Still, twinge of guilt.

After this one’s done, I have four or five other projects lined up.  Two baby gifts, a house warming gift, a Star Wars themed gift for one of my favorite fellow geek, as well as ten or so other things I’d like to do at some point.  I probably could stitch indefinitely and not finish all that I want to finish.


4 thoughts on “Running and embroidery

  1. Sore knees after a trail run…4.6 miles, longest I have gone in a while…I love your little project. Embroidery is one craft that i have not done. Just about every other craft though.

  2. Awwah that is going to be so cute! =) I really wish I had the patience for those sort of crafts… but I just don’t :/ So I always admire people who do!

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