155. First day of kindergarten

7:15am.  A time I typically think of bedtime.  Now, my new wake up time on my off days.  Ouch.

Today was B’s much anticipated first day of kindergarten.  When I went to wake him this morning, I found him sitting straight up in his bed with a huge, cheesy grin on his face.  “Is it my first day of kindergarten today?!   Yes!!!”  I can only hope this attitude and enthusiasm will last through the school year.  Scratch that, through B’s entire academic career.  🙂

For the last week or so, we’ve all been bustling about preparing for today.  Our school was able to supply most of B’s school supplies; pencil boxes, scissors, note books, crayons, markers, glue, paper and backpacks.  Woohoo for me!  I had very little I had to buy for today.  Just a few supplies for the classroom and a lunch box and fun containers for said lunch box.  We jazzed up B’s backpack to make it stand out.  I let B pick out what we would add and was surprised he wanted an embroidered robot.  With a heart.  He was dead set on having a heart.


The other “big” project of the week was figuring out what we wanted to do for his first day of school picture.  Pinterest is just full of great ideas.  This is what I came up with.

First day of kindergarten!

The plan is to ask the same questions each school year for however many years he’ll cooperate.

So, the first day of kindergarten was a total success.  There were no tears shed on anyone’s part.  My husband clearly didn’t believe me when I said I wasn’t going to cry.  Truthfully, watching them grow up makes me happy.  I’m thankful for each day with my little ones and am nothing but grateful for each milestone, birthday and event we experience together.

On that note, here’s hoping for an awesome second day of kindergarten tomorrow followed by many more.




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