201. Third time’s a charm

Just over three weeks ago, my sweet baby Rose decided to make her grand appearance.  While I had a gut feeling she’d be an early arrival, I’d had hoped to make it a little further along than 35 weeks.  Que sera, sera.  I have three healthy babies to snuggle with.

Adjusting to life with three little ones has been fairly easy.  That’s not to say I haven’t had some crazy post partum emotional days with some ugly crying.  The first few days were the worst, mostly for a lack of sleep.  There is just no getting sleep in the hospital when you’re a breast feeding mama.  After week one, everything sort of fell into place.  I suppose that is the benefit of having two other children.  I’ve done this newborn phase twice already and have learned a fair amount from raising two kiddos.  Oh, to have the knowledge I have now when my oldest was born.


  • Epidurals are wonderful, wonderful things.  I didn’t want one with my first two pregnancies.  I got one with my first while transitioning and delivered fifteen minutes or so after getting it.  I went natural with my second.  This time around, I wanted an epidural.  I had the best delivery.  I remember holding my baby for the first time.  I was happy, not in a state of shock from crazy pain.  If I could go back, I’d get an epidural every time.  Getting an epidural doesn’t make a person weak.
  • There is nothing wrong with taking motrin after delivery.   After my first two deliveries, I took nothing for pain.  I toughed it out.  This time around I took 800mg of motrin every eight hours.
  • There’s also nothing wrong with taking medication stronger than motrin.  Oh, how I wish I had realized this with my first two babies.  Recovery number three has been the easiest.  My first week after my delivery, Norco was my best friend.
  • It’s okay to supplement with a bit of formula.  It doesn’t make me a bad mom to give my baby a few ounces of formula throughout the day.  My other two kids, I’d nurse, pump, nurse, and supplement with milk I’d pumped to help my little bits pack on the ounces.  I felt incredibly guilty when I had to supplement with my middle baby after going back to work and my supply decreased.  In retrospect, that was such an unnecessary stress and a completely ridiculous notion.   A few ounces of formula throughout the day has done wonders for helping maintain my sanity.
  • Breastfeeding aps are great.  I laughed at the idea of using technology to keep track of my middle baby’s eating and bathroom habits.  This go around, I downloaded a free breastfeeding ap.  It’s a great thing, especially at night when I’m awake only enough to get Rosie latched on.  It records the time, duration of the feed, which side, and whether I change wet or dirty diapers.  It’s surprisingly to forget how long it’s last been since I nursed Rosie with two other kiddos to feed, bathe, care for and play with.
  • It’s okay to not be super mom.  Not every meal has to be made from scratch.
  • Throwing on a bit of make up and putting on real clothes (no pjs, yoga/sweat pants and baggy tshirts) does wonders for making a person feel human again.



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