DIY reusable diaper wipes

Both of my children have been cloth diaper wearers.  My daughter more so than my son.  I made the commitment to cloth diapers when my son was about three months old.  I was leery about them at first.  The idea of cloth diapering was a little…gross.  I mean, cleaning a number two diaper?  Who whats that?  I liked the idea of doing something to reduce waste and help save the planet, but I figured I was already the kind of person who recycled, composted, opted for the biodegradable, and chose natural cleaning products, so it was okay if I skipped the cloth diapers and went for the disposable.  But my husband was all about the cloth and did his research.  He put forth numerous compelling pro-cloth diaper arguments, and eventually convinced me to give it a try.  And, to my surprise, I actually really like cloth diapering.  So when my daughter was born, I bought an additional half dozen BumGenius one size, all-in-ones (my cloth diaper of choice).  I by no means diaper exclusively in cloth diapers.  I use them mainly during waking hours and use disposable diapers that are chlorine-free, diapers with a plant based liner and outer cover (Kroger’s touch of nature comforts for baby) for night time and trips out of the house.  I love my cloth diapers, and I highly recommend giving them a try.

So, enter cloth diaper wipes.  I realized it seemed like I was always having to buy more diaper wipes.  I had a few cloth diaper wipes with my son, but I have no idea where they are.  I hadn’t been too thrilled with them with my son, so it didn’t cross my mind until recently to use cloth diaper wipes with my daughter.  You can purchase cloth diaper wipes from Amazon and other online stores, and for you Kentuciana people, places like Mama’s Hip ( sell them at about a dollar per wipe.  That can total up.  Most reusable wipes are made from flannel, which you can purchase at any fabric store.  Or, if you’re like me, you have about nine thousand flannel receiving blankets that you didn’t use often with your kids and don’t plan to use if you have any more children.  I pulled out five receiving blankets that I didn’t care for (they were plain and pastel colors, which isn’t my style at all…I like color and bold prints).

See?  Dullsville.

I cut 8″x8″ squares out of the blankets, and got 9 wipes per blanket.

So, nine wipes per blanket, five blankets total that were given to me, leaves me with 45 reusable diaper wipes that didn’t cost me a dime.  Only thing invested was the time it took to cut the squares out and do a quick zigzag stitch on the edges to keep the wipes from fraying when I was them.  It took less than five minutes to cut and sew each wipe.  I time it, and it was actually just under four minutes.  But I do sew quickly…

I diluted some Dr. Bronner’s peppermint liquid soap with water and soaked the wipes in an old disposable wipe container.  So, I have a stash of reusable cloth diaper wipes ready to go for all of my daughter’s wet diapers.  They get tossed into the same  laundry basket as the cloth diapers.  Just as with the cloth diapers, I’m not an exclusive cloth wipe user.  I take disposable wipes with me when I venture out on errands and use disposable for the really…messy diapers.  And the nice thing about reusable diaper wipes (and cloth diapers for that matter) is I always have wipes on hand.


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