Painted furniture

There’s something about taking a beat up piece of furniture and working with it to make it beautiful.  I love taking transforming something that’s seen better days, is slightly broken or even just flat out ugly and transforming it into something I’m proud to display.  I’ve found that a little paint is such an easy way to give a new look to any and everything.  You can paint your walls, furniture, accessories, your front door (mine’s a candy apple red that pops nicely off my grey and chocolate exterior).  I’m by no means a master at reupholstering or a top notch painter.  You can see the flaws in everything I do if you look hard enough.  But I do really love giving old pieces of furniture face lifts.

At the moment, I have an old TV stand that’s next in line for a redo.  Currently, it’s black, scratched and has a cardboard backing with a rather large circular hole in it (for cables to go through).  It’ll be going into our bedroom, which is slated to be painted in a darker taupe color.  I need a night stand.  I haven’t decided what color the piece will be yet, but it’ll need to coordinate with my crisp white comforter, reupholstered white/aqua damask chair and our green/taupe tiled fire place.  We also have an antique dresser and a mismatched bookshelf in the room that I plan to paint the same color.

This whole love of painting ugly and out of date furniture started when I was pregnant with my daughter.  First, it was the dresser that I got for $10 at a thrift store.  It was ugly.  And a little bit broken.  I completely sanded it, used wood putty to fill the gouges in the side panels and wood glue a a few nails to adhere the bottom decorative panel back to the dresser.  It took several days (you just don’t move as quickly when you’re pregnant with a huge belly) and a lot of elbow grease on my part.  I used a quart of Berh semi gloss interior enamel in Honeydew and Pea in the Pod.  I painted everything except the drawers in honeydew (which had a built in primer).  The drawers were painted in Pea in the Pod.  I left the knobs in the original finish for a little contrast.

Finished product

I had so much paint left over from the dresser that I painted several other pieces in my daughter’s room.  I updated a small end table, a toddler sized rocking chair that was mine as a baby and an ugly faux gold gilded mirror for her room.

My daughter’s room was hands down one of our favorite rooms in the house for a long time.  It was the first room that was really light and airy with it’s bright colors.  It set the mood for what I wanted the rest of the house to be.  I have since repainted our living room in a pale gray and accented it with aqua valances and white and pink throw pillows on the couch and have been on the look out for a white or pale gray slip cover for the couch.  I also repainted the bathroom off the living room to coordinate.  Aquamarine and taupe walls with a white chair rail and a deep rosy pink painted mirror.  I used a bit of paint from my daughter’s room and painted five mismatched frames to hold some samples of pieces I’ve embroidered.  I love that bathroom.

Then I moved on to the kitchen.  I loved the color (a warm yellow) but nothing went with the yellow.  Mismatched cabinets got painted white and got new teal door knobs.  I really love the power of paint.  That’s corny.  But it’s a little bit true.  As I said earlier, it’s one of the easiest ways I’ve found to update my home.  And it’s a relatively cheap way to update.

So, back to my master bedroom.  Keeping in mind the main colors (taupe and white) and accent colors (aqua, chartreuse and minimal pops of darker green in the fire place), what color should I paint my mismatched furniture?    Hmm…think, think, think…



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