151. Party planning and resisting the urge to hit my head against the wall

What a week.  I need a post vacation vacation.  Is it terrible that I’m totally stoked for my oldest to start kindergarten so that I only have to juggle one kiddo during the day?  Balancing work, school, my health and fitness, maintaining the home and being a loving wife/mother is exhausting.  I’ve been home from vacation for over a week, and this exact moment in time is the first moment I’ve felt somewhat caught up.  And I don’t feel that caught up.  I still have a bag from vacation that has yet to be fully unpacked.

And trying to teach myself statistics is excruciating.  I imagine the class is nothing short of purgatory for anyone, but teaching it to yourself is nightmarish.  This was not a class I should have opted to take online.  And there’s still six more chapters to go.  Shoot me now, please.  It’s worth it getting my BSN, right?

The bright spot of the week has been planning my little bitty’s second birthday party.  It’s all pink and girly with little elephants yet subdued and a little sophisticated, if you can imagine that.  Pink, gray, polka dots and pink elephants.  Trust me, there is some sophistication to it all.  Pictures to come.  Eventually.  🙂

Second highlight of the week was registering my little man for kindergarten!  I am unbelievably excited, and so is he.  He got his “kindergarten haircut” this afternoon, and I found out he got Mr. Green as his teacher, which I’m super pumped about.  He worked with my mother in law, a kindergarten teacher at a neighboring school, and she just went on and on about how awesome he was.  And minus a lunch box and a few community class room items, B has everything he needs for school thanks to a generous donation to Green Valley.  We got a complimentary backpack (green, B’s favorite color), two notebooks, a pencil box, scissors, markers, crayons, glue sticks, a ruler and a packet of loose leaf paper.  Woohoo!  And thanks to my very generous mom and in laws, B needed very little in the way of new clothes.  Just a few pants since he seems to be growing half an inch every few days.

If only I could get as excited about my schooling as I am about my kiddos.  Oy…statistics.


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