5 days

Eep!  Five days and counting!  Saturday just won’t get here quick enough.  My feeling towards this weekend’s mini reminds me of my birthday as a child.  I’m absolutely full of anticipation and excitement.  Truthfully, I don’t feel nervous in the least.  Just anxious to get going.  When I started training in late January, I didn’t […]

Ah, tapering

With nine days and counting to the Derby City Mini Marathon, I am thoroughly enjoying my taper week.  When I first laid out my training program for the mini, I was none to happy about the idea of tapering.  There were several things I was concerned about. If I tapered, I wouldn’t run the full […]

Getting addicted…

Last year when I first added running a mini marathon to my bucket list and told my husband of my intentions, he was thrilled.  He started giving me all sorts of fun tidbits and information about running, printing off training schedules, namely Couch to 5K and was nothing but encouraging.  I made my commitment to […]