Three running inspirational thingies

Just three more days until the mini!  I have to work tonight and tomorrow, so I’m hoping for easy nights.  Nothing crazy, please.  And I’m going to load myself up with vitamin C and other cold-fighting things so I can hopefully be rid of the congestion in my head and chest.  I’ve run while battling upper respirator gunk before, and it wasn’t pretty.  I have no desire to run 13.1 miles with a head cold.  So, vitamin C, garlic, eucalyptus, and lots of fluids.

Three days and counting, so three of my favorite running inspirational thingies.  It was hard choosing three to share.  There are so many quotes, videos, and personal stories out there that inspire me to get started and keep going.

What inspires you?

I'd like to think of myself as a graceful gazelle.

Because I am a slow runner.


4 thoughts on “Three running inspirational thingies

    • That was like a mantra for me in the beginning. I’d get discouraged about being so slow, remind myself that I could be sitting on my butt on the couch, and that’d give me the extra little mental boost I needed.

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