13.1, here I come

16 hours!

Race day is nearly here, at long last!  In truth, I feel nothing but ready.  Race days are great.  I’ve been running only for a short time, but races have become one of my favorite things in life.  This will be my fifth race in less than two months.  What am I going to do with myself until my next race at the end of July?

Tonight, my husband and I will have a date night of picking up our race packets, enjoying all the booths set up at the convention center, an easy one mile run, a yummy pre-mini marathon meal and an early bedtime so we can be ready to go for the 7:30 am start.  Naturally, me being the geeky dorky girl I am, I will have “documented” everything in the form of Instagram, and those pictures with be posted.  🙂

Tomorrow can’t get here soon enough.  Hopefully the predicted scattered thunderstorms will not make their appearance until after I’ve crossed the finish line.  I’m not a fan of running in the rain.  I’ve done it a time or two.  I don’t hate it.  It’s just not idea.  It’s especially not idea since I’ve been fighting some upper respiratory gunk all week.  So, rain, rain, go away.

Aside from checking the weather app on my phone what seems like on an hourly basis, I think I’ve also looked at the course map one too many times.  That’s not going to change on me, and it’s not as though I have to have it memorized in order run run the race, yet I have looked at it more than once today.  And I was sleeping 8-3.

Thankfully, my little blue path does not enter the dreaded Iroquois Park.  That place is a wretched hilly torturous place that tried to kill me during the Papa John’s 10 miler.  We are not friends.  I’m going to run it again next year, and I will destroy it.  But let’s stay focused.

The mini course is nice and flat and will run through one of my favorite parts of Louisville.  I’m running with 18000 other runners in what is the “largest day of road racing in Louisville”.  I will help partake in roads being blocked and traffic being diverted as I run through downtown Louisville, and I’m sure my coworkers will have something to say about that tomorrow night.

I am so excited.


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