Running with pearls

Two days and counting!  The Derby City Mini Marathon is just around the corner, and I cannot wait.  Still feeling good and mostly just anxious for race day to arrive.  Nerves are calm, although I am slightly concerned about my right foot.  My heel has been acting up for the last few weeks.  Nothing major.  Just some tenderness in the morning that worked itself out as the day went on.  Yesterday, my heel stayed sore and was accompanied by some ankle stiffness.  Minor, yet noticeable.  Ditto for today.  There’s some supination going on.  :/  My husband suspects it could be some plantar fasciitis coupled with some tendonitis.  So, no cute ballet flats for me.  At least not until after the mini.

So, a head cold and an achy foot and still ankle.  Hmph.

Moving on.

Yesterday I got my “pearls” for the mini.  When I first started training for the mini, I said I was going to run it wearing a string of pearls.  Why not?  Obviously, I wasn’t going to wear expensive, super nice real pearls.  No, I meant a cheapy, rinky dinky set that I wouldn’t care if they were damaged, lost, etc.  My husband has poked a bit of fun at me for that bit of whimsy.  He told me my neck would chafe.  Well, that’s what body glide is for.  That comment made me want to do it all the more.  He might be right, but I’m going to do it.  Just because.  🙂

Still knocking back the extra fluids and vitamin C.  I was put on call and stayed home last night (woohoo), but sadly didn’t get tons of extra sleep like I would have hoped.  Stupid congestion.  My husband’s off for the day minus a 4:3o yoga class he has to teach, so I’m hoping to grab a nap before work tonight.  It’s rare that we’re off together, so we’ve made plans to utilize our zoo membership and make a trip to Trader Joe’s.  Hopefully there will be time for a bit of a nap.

Also on today’s agenda: starting the carb loading process.  My family of runners all highly recommend carb loading two days before the big race rather than the day before.  Today, carbs.  Tomorrow, lean protein.

3 thoughts on “Running with pearls

  1. Body glide….love it! What a good and necessary tool for long distance runners. Are you wrapping your foot? One of my good friends who ran a marathon had a heel spur in training, so she wrapped her heel.

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