4 reasons to run

Four more days until the Derby City Mini Marathon!  Jeez!  It just won’t get here fast enough.  I suppose it’s a good thing.  My work most recent work stint exhausted me, and I am seriously far behind on sleep.  Night shift kills me sometimes.  I tried to run yesterday, but between being dead tired and battling some upper respiratory/sinus gunk, it didn’t go well.  I did a half of a mile and decided it would be more beneficial for me to rest.  So, I rested.

So, four more days in the countdown!  Continuing with this weeks running theme, here are my top four reasons for running.

  1. It’s so easy, yet challenging.   Running, particularly shorter distances, really didn’t require much more than the right pair of shoes.  As I got into longer distances, I needed to think about fueling, hydration, body glide, but in the beginning, all I bought special were the good for my biomechanics kind of shoes (something with support for my high arch and pronation correction).  While I like all the fancy running paraphernalia, I didn’t go out and drop major money on anything.  I got two jackets that were on major clearance that will get more use next fall and winter, and I’ve gotten a fair amount of use out of them with this crazy weather.  That was the easy part.  The challenging part, the actual running bit.  Oy.  That was awful when I started running.  I’ve said this thousands of times, but let’s say it again.  I could not run when I started running.  Not even for thirty seconds.  I thought I was going to die.  And therein was the challenge.  And since I choose to run outside, there wasn’t an option to just stop moving.  I’d at least have to walk home.  Initially, I’d push myself as far as I could, and then I’d have to run (or if nothing else, walk) home.  And once I was comfortable running, I still had challenges.  Running a new distance.  And there are more challenges ahead of me.  Running faster, running longer.  I’m not out the cost of a gym membership, or the cost of lots of fancy equipment.  Just the cost of shoes and race fees.
  2. Health benefits.  Prior to running regularly, I  was 20 pounds heavier, had some issues with my blood pressures and just never felt as good as I could.  Now, I’ve lost half of the weight I want to loose, my blood pressures are normal, and I feel so much better.  My stress level has gone down, I sleep better, have more energy and am, overall, in a better moon.
  3. Confidence booster.    There’s been no better feeling than setting a goal and achieving it.  This running thing has given me that “I can do anything” attitude.  It’s great.  And my son thinks he can do anything, run any distance, achieve any goal.
  4. Runner’s high.   It’s real.  And it’s great.

Why do you run?


7 thoughts on “4 reasons to run

  1. Health is major factor for me (I began this whole thing as part of a smoking cessation process), but I like the mental puzzle that happens when you run long distances – you want to quit and walk, but you really feel okay, so you push yourself and bam! Another mile! I think I keep running because it becomes so positive – you get used to it, you hit your stride, and you’re proud of yourself:) Great job on all the training! “See” you (I doubt I could recognize anyone!) there! You’re gonna rock it!!!

  2. For health and a challenge…I started off like you started off…catching my breath at 30 seconds…I “ran” 8 minutes straight the other day!!! I’m trying to see if I can finish a 5k in under 42…we shall see…

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