130. Busy weekend

As the title implies, it’s been one busy weekend.  The bulk of it has been preparing for my son’s birthday party, which will be this afternoon.  Between finishing the pig piñata, the Angry Bird masks, getting all of the food and last minute party supplies, cleaning house, etc, the party has consumed quite a bit of time.  Plus, it’s such a rarity that I take off a weekend from work, so I tried to cram all sorts of other weekend activities in, such as going to the farmer’s market, visiting with friends that I seldom really get to see, and my ten year class reunion.

Yessirie, last night, my teeny little graduating class, or about 1/3 of us, ate food and socialized.  It was commented that thanks to social media, namely Facebook, class reunions don’t seem to be what they once were.  And it’s true.  Nearly everyone there is a friend on Facebook, and I already know most of there business that I care to know.  For me, it was mostly just nice to get out and have an evening sans kiddos.  There was one classmate that shocked me with his stupidly high level of intoxication.  I mean, who starts drinking prior to showing up and just keeps drinking throughout the entire dinner?  I hope he didn’t drive…

Well, it’s time to end this moment of non-business and get back to getting ready for this Angry Bird party.  It’ll be cute.  Small, but cute.


One thought on “130. Busy weekend

  1. WOW! What a busy weekend… I think you need to invent a new word because busy just doesn’t cut it… way to go! The party sounds absolutely adorable!! Hope it was a huge success!

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