200. Whirlwind

It’s become a nonstop whirlwind in my corner of the world.  Vacation, work, parties, doctor appointments and major cleaning/painting projects have ruled my life over the past week, and I’m ready for a breather.

A brief recap of my week:

  • The kid’s rooms have been switched over.  B’s room is painted and decorated, minus his rug and new bed frame.  The girl’s room has yet to be painted, but everything is moved in and in it’s new home.
  • Quads.  We delivered our second set of quads for the year this weekend.  In retrospect, it’s neat to be able to say I was the delivery nurse for quadruplets, but when we got the call that they were coming from our antepartum unit to be sectioned at eleven pm, my response was fuck.  Six hours later, I finally got a breather after that delivery.
  • I’m happy to say our little miss weighs in at alb 12oz, measuring right at 30 weeks.  Also happy to say that, for once, I have a normal fluid level.
  • We had an awesome birthday party for B on Sunday.  I took one picture and broke the cycle of making the birthday cake from scratch.  We had funfetti cake from a box and bright turn-your-teeth-aqua-blue frosting from a can.  Definitely a change from past parties of making decorations, cake and snacks by hand.
  • The highlight of our mini vacation to Cincinnati was the hotel pool.  I contracted the rest of the time.  The kids had fun and are excited for our next mini vacation after baby is here.

I have a feeling this summer will absolutely fly by.  There is something to do nearly everyday of the week.  My husband is taking our son for a camping trip this weekend.  There’s summer camps, science camp, art programs and summer reading programs.  More doctors appointments.  Birthday celebrations, baby showers, and weddings to attend.  Meetings and mandatory stuff for work.  Plus, the normal day to day activities.  It’s never ending.


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