194. Plans change

December was going to be the month of Christmas crafts and training for my first long race since April.  December was instead the month of not having enough energy to get off whatever I was curled up on, unless it was for running to the bathroom to puke for the umpteenth time.  No, December was not what I has hoped it was going to be.

No complaints, though.  While I would have preferred to be sickness free for the Christmas holidays, how could I be upset about rapidly rising hCG levels?

So there will be a new little bitty joining the Stallings’ clan this summer.  He/she is due August 12th, but seeing how 37 0/7 weeks is the longest I’ve ever been pregnant, we’re planning for a July baby.

It’s amazing how quickly plans change.  My race plans drastically changed.  When I should have been training for the Hangover, I was getting IVs for severe dehydration.  While I still hope to run with this pregnancy, training for a marathon is out of the question for me.  I have the good fortune of preterm labor, and while my doctor encouraged me to continue running so long as I don’t start contracting, she flat out said no to anything longer than a mile or two.  Maybe three.  So, my race plans for the year are a flat 5K.  Maybe after the baby comes I can revisit race plans.

Other plans that changed due to our little bitty was summer vacation.  My husband’s family plans for a big vacation every other year.  We were to leave July 9th.  I’ll be 35 weeks.  35 weeks has been a notoriously bad time for me with both pregnancies.  Both times required trips to the hospital to be shot up with various labor stopping medications.  Needless to say, my husband and I will not be partaking in the big family vacation.  We might just be hanging out with my coworkers instead.

Yes, it’s amazing how quickly things can change directions.  I didn’t anticipate my head would be swimming in all things baby related so early in the year.  We were planning on trying for our third (and final) bambino later in year.  The plan was for me to work a little OT, save up for a new car (I’m still driving my two door Honda civic I got when I was 19…we’ve made the two door thing work with two children, but a third will not fit.  I’ve checked), pay off a little more debt, etc. before trying.  And now, working extra…HA!  Maybe next trimester.


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