191. Flavored Salts

For the last few years, my husband and I have steadily moved away from store bought gifts at Christmas and towards hand made gifts.  This year will be no different.  We have a few store bought things (mainly for each other and the kiddos in our lives, plus a few off the wall gifts, like the beef jerky chocolate bar that we simply couldn’t pass up for Brett’s oldest brother), but the bulk of our gifts will be homemade.  We have a large circle of family and friends we exchange gifts with, and homemade gifts really help cut down our cost each year.

One gift I opted to go with was a collection of flavored salts.  I had everything on hand minus enough small jars to put the salt in, but I’m hoping to get a stash before Christmas is here, which will have made this a no cost to me project.  How freaking awesome would that be?!



Thus far, I have three different flavors of salt: cumin salt, lavender and thyme salt, and Siracha salt for all the spicy food lovers in my life.  We have several people in our lives who are quite adventurous with their food, and I hope these salts will be right up their alley.

Not only was this an uber cheap gift, it was incredibly easy to whip them up.  For the cumin and lavender/thyme salts, it was a simple act of grinding up cumin seeds and lavender (fresh from the garden) and thyme leaves and mixing them with salt.  There heavy on the herbs/spices so that a little will hopefully go a long way.


The Sriracha was the most involved salt (if you can call it that).  One cup of salt mixed up with several teaspoons of sriracha sauce and popped into the oven at 170* until it’s dried (about two hours).  Easy, peasy.

Now just to get jars!


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