190. Full on Christmas mode

The tree is up, the decorations are out (the ones that managed to survive our cellar flooding last year, anyway), Christmas crafts have commenced and the shopping is actually really close to being done.  Wow.  And it’s not even December!

So, for those of you who don’t know me well, allow me to let you in on a little something.  I freaking love Pinterest.  My husband has long laughed at me when it comes to my adoration of Pinterest.  That is, he did until I showed him exactly what Pinterest is.  Now, he regularly asks me to find things (like a butterbeer recipe, how to remove labels from beer bottles, templates for homebrew bottle labels and other things pertaining to his beer brewing hobby).  Pinterest is genius.  Pinterest has provided me with an abundance of Christmas crafts, recipes, activities to do with my children and gobs of ideas for making the Elf of the Shelf a part of our Holiday tradition.


Our elf Elvis has made a wonderful addition to our little household.  Both kiddos have been incredibly excited to run through the house each morning in search of Elvis.  They talk to him, tell him about the good things they’ve done and eyeball him sitting on his perch when they’ve been caught doing something naughty.  I think I like Elvis as much as they do.  It’s so much fun coming up with new hiding places.  Elvis has been on the top of our mantel, climbing up our hanging ceiling lights, hanging from a curtain rod and wedged behind our bathroom mirror after he doodled on it with a window marker.


That was fun!



2 thoughts on “190. Full on Christmas mode

  1. I used to do the exact same thing with a pair of Elves. I told the kids they were Santa’s helpers and sent to spy on the kids to make sure they kept their rooms clean.
    My kids are all grown up, or teenagers now, and they still want the Elves to appear in odd places all over the house.

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