185. New running shoes

OMG.  Shin splints.  What a bitch!

So, my new Brooks Dyads had me hobbling home after my one mile run.  SHIN SPLINTS.  Oy.  I kind of forgot about shin splints.  How I forgot about shin splints, I don’t know, but they are a beast.

Despite being a state of agonizing, foul language inducing pain, I’m happy to have a new pair of running shoes.  My last pair were in the process of bitting the dust.  I ended up going with what I had before, just a half size smaller.  Apparently, my foot shrank and my arch got higher.

I also got four pairs of knee high moisture wicking socks, all of which are wonderfully colorful.  Today’s pair are probably the most subdued.  It was very tempting to pick up a purple glitter Sweaty Band, but I was dropping enough money for one day.  Even with my husband’s discount (I love him working at a running shoe store!!), it was a chunk of change.  The Sweaty Band can wait until the next pay cycle.


3 thoughts on “185. New running shoes

  1. Sounds like your feet didn’t shrink… Shoes that are too small will give you the results you’re experience. I know, I ran through that for a year. It hurts. Good luck.

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