184. Finished mantel

It’s done!  I finally bought ribbon to string my “Thankful” banner together, and my Thanksgiving/fall mantel is finally done.  And with the exception of a small embroidery piece, my fall decorating is complete.  About time, too.  Two more weeks and it all comes down for the Christmas stuff!

So this was my first year to decorate our mantel for anything other than Christmas.  It’s pretty simple~empty jars with popcorn seeds, candles, burlap and ribbons plus a super easy to make banner.  I’m not crazy about the font for the banner, but it is what it is.




4 thoughts on “184. Finished mantel

  1. Love the Mantel! It looks awesome! I finally opened up the living room in a way we can have stuff on the Mantel without worrying about the cats knocking it over onto our heads. haha

  2. Great idea! I’m always looking for something “different” to hold candles, and what better then corn for Thanksgiving…thanks for the “like” on my Turning Leftover Halloween Candy Into Christmas Treats.

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