183. Running again

    Finally.  Six months after the fact, I finally put my hot pink 13.1 magnet on the back of my car.  It’s crazy to think it’s been six months since I ran my first mini.  It’s crazy to be thinking about running mini marathon #2.  First things first, run the 2013 Hangover run on New Year’s day.  Then pick a mini to train for.

So, I ran today.  Today was a do or die kind of day for me.  Getting back into running after a six month sabbatical has been anything but easy.  Frankly, I’m not motivated to run without a race to train for, and even then, it’s been an effort to get me out the door and hitting the pavement.  With just seven more weeks to go, having gone only two miles as my longest run in many a months, and that run having been complete misery, I looked at today’s scheduled three mile run as the deciding factor as to whether or not I realistically would be ready for 10 miles.  If I couldn’t do a measly three miles, it’s a sign.

Boom.  Four miles (including the cool down walk).


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