182. Jackpot!

     Woohoo!  Look at that stash of cloth diapers!  I now have 30 barely used AIO, one size fits all cloth diapers (complete with 60 reusable liners and 100 sheets of unopened disposable liners) to add to my stash.  A friend of mine tried cloth diapering with her three boys (she’s got three in diapers, yikes!) and found it just wasn’t for her.  So when she posted she was selling her supply on Facebook, I couldn’t help but jump on it! Both of my little ones have been mostly cloth diaper wearers, but no matter how many times I add to our supply, I feel we could easy double our stash and still want more.  As of now, I’m washing diapers every two to three days.

Now, with just under FIFTY diapers in my possession, I hope to be set for the rest of the time little miss is in diapers  and for when for baby #3, whenever that little blessing happens.

Normally, I would never consider buying used cloth diapers, but  between knowing who they’re coming from, how little they were used, that we’re hoping to add to the family in the next year, I couldn’t pass them up.  This was probably close to $475 worth of diapering supplies for $100.  I’m so glad cloth diapering didn’t work out for Melissa because this was a score for me!


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