180. The Sharpie mugs


A while ago, I pinned decorating Dollar Store mugs with a sharpie and have been itching to try it out.  With my husband’s birthday coming up this week, I figured now was just as good as any time to try the project out.  The hubs is a coffee connoisseur.  His birthday/Christmas list, as it does every year, included gift cards to several local coffee shops.  So the little ones opted to make something to go with his gift card and doodled on a set of coffee mugs.  Aren’t they sweet?  They seem pretty permanent, but I suppose time will only tell how well their masterpieces will hold up.



8 thoughts on “180. The Sharpie mugs

  1. I tried this for a swap I did a while ago and it turned out great. Yours are so cute!

    I did test out washing it before sending, and hand washing seemed okay, but I ran it through my dishwasher (which is not a great one), and it started coming off the first run through. I redid the drawing and baked it and wrote on the bottom “Handwash only”, so hopefully it will last a while for my swap partner. I hope yours do, too!

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